The Panama Canal Expansion Programs Progress in Images 2006 and 2009

Panama Canal Expansion
Images showing the progress of the Panama Canal Expansion first from back in 2006,
the second image from June 2009, the third again from 2006 and the 4th image from 2015.

 Note the hill in the in front of the bridge and then in the second image that hill is gone already

The Panama Canal Expansion Programs Progress in Images 2006 and 2009

Before and after (top from 2006 and below 2015) 

Panorama View from the Ancon Hill of the Miraflores Locks and the New Locks. 1915.

Look at the new locks from the Pacific end of the Canal. Image taken May of 2015

The first phase of the expansion project is the dry excavations of the 218 meter (715 ft) wide trench
 connecting the Culebra Cut with the Pacific coast, removing 47 million cubic meters of earth and rock. (see images above)
The Third Set of Locks Project will expand the Panama Canal.
The expansion will be greater than at any time since the canal's construction.
The Panama Canal Authority proposed the project after years of study.
 Panamanian President Martin Torrijos presented the plan on April 24, 2006
and Panamanian citizens approved it in a national referendum by 76.8%
 of the vote on October 22, 2006.
The project will double the canal's capacity and allow more traffic.

Panorama View of the planed new Locks on the Pacific side next to the old Miraflores Locks.
 Image from Canal de Panama.

The project will create a new lane of traffic along the Canal by constructing a new set of locks.
Details of the project include the following integrated components:

Construction of two lock complexes
one on the Atlantic side and another on the Pacific side
each with three chambers, which include three water-saving basins;

Excavation of new access channels to the new locks and the widening of existing navigational channels &

Deepening of the navigation channels and the elevation of Gatun Lakes maximum operating levels.